Freedom and Uniqueness

Hi, my name is Katerina Blaskova, and I am a contemporary jewellery designer who creates unique pieces using recycled glass. For me, jewellery represents uniqueness and freedom, while glass embodies the duality of human beings – tough yet fragile. 

The recycled glass I use comes from various sources such as glass workshops waste, colour samples, offcuts, failed glass casting, etc. By using recycled glass in my work, I aim to give it a second chance to shine again. Just like the second chances and transformations that are essential in everyone's life.

I specialize in cold-working glass technology, which I view as akin to sculpting. True artistry comes from spending countless hours experimenting and exploring the possibilities. Initially, I have an idea of the final product, but as I work on shaping the glass, the idea takes on a life of its own, leading to a result that can often be different from my initial vision. I relish the opportunity to challenge the limits of production technologies, continuously seeking novel methods to create truly unique and exceptional pieces of jewellery.